Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pianos

Where are the prices for your new pianos?

Unless otherwise indicated (i.e., sales, specials, etc.), we do not list prices for new pianos on our site, but we do list the prices of all previously owned pianos in our warehouse.

How do you ship pianos (as opposed to hand deliveries)?

We work with several shipping companies. In general, rates range from $700 – $1500 for verticals and grands. Since we want your business, this is alway negotiable. Often we don’t charge, if we’re going there already. Check with us.

What if I want to pick up the piano myself?

Special arrangements can always be made for you. For example, you may have purchased a used piano for your cabin at Alta, and you have your own truck. We’ll be happy to help you load your piano, and off you go!

I live well outside of your normal delivery radius. Will you deliver a used piano to me?

Check with us. Of course, much of the cost is based on the selling price, size and weight of the piano, but we’re very flexible vis-a-vis used piano deliveries.

What is your normal delivery radius from the warehouse in Salt Lake City?

map_usOur normal radius is roughly 60 miles from Salt Lake City, but special arrangements can be made for an extended in-state delivery area and deliveries out of state.

Key: Blue: no charge; Green: $300; Yellow, Orange, Pink: Call.

Please note: These rates are subject to change. Given fluctuations in transportation costs, Daynes Music reserves the right to change these rates without notice. While we will do our best to accommodate your needs, if you have questions about delivery to your area, we advise that you contact us at 800-780-6857.

What about delivery?

Delivery is included in the price. In addition the price includes: one in-home tuning, bench, and a five-year shop guarantee, which is included with every purchase (unless other arrangements have been made either by the cosigner or by Daynes Music).

What is the “Reserve It” button?

reserve_it_280x125We do not list the price of new pianos on our site, but we do list the prices of all previously owned pianos. The “Reserve It” button places the piano, new or used, on hold for five (5) business days from the date/time of our receipt of your inquiry. If the piano you’ve placed on reserve is new, we’ll send you the asking price upon request. Further, your reserved piano gives you right of first refusal. If someone else makes an offer, we’ll notify you and you will be first in line to purchase that piano. Sorry, the “Reserve It” button is not available for our new Steinway Family of pianos, but you can use the “Reserve It” button for all used Steinway, Boston, or Essex pianos.

Can you please explain the various piano “sizes”?
Steinway Grands
S 5′ 1″
M 5′ 7″
L 5′ 10 3/4″
O 6′
A 6′ 2″
B 7′
D 9′
Other Grands
Baby 4′ 9″ – 5′ 2″
5′ 3″ – 5′ 9″
Grand 5′ 10″ – 6′ 4″
6′ 5″ – 7′ 5″
Concert 8′ – 10′
49″ – 52″ tall. “Direct blow action” (as key is pressed, hammer immediately goes to striking position). Often has true sostenudo pedal.
44″ – 48″ tall. Direct blow action.
Console 40″ – 43″ tall. Direct blow action.
Spinet 36″ – 38″ tall. All spinets have an “indirect blow action” (as key is pressed, linkage uses an elbow to create proper fulcrum).
Are the serial numbers yours or the manufacturer’s?

We use the manufacturer’s serial numbers. A very good reference is the Pierce Piano Atlas.

What do the “grades” mean?
A+ This is the highest grade, reserved for investment grade pianos.
A Completely re-finished and re-built; like new with factory-certified parts.
B Hammers show some signs of wear.
C Marginal to fair exterior quality; can be repaired.
Repair costs will far exceed market value of the piano. With few exceptions, Daynes Music does not carry “D” or “E” grade used grand pianos.
A Hammers in perfect condition; top quality exterior.
B Hammers show some signs of wear.
C Marginal to fair exterior quality.
D Needs major work; cracked soundboard.
E Unplayable, valued only for parts.
Digital Keyboards/Pianos
A Top quality exterior; latest technology.
B Exterior shows minor wear; feature-rich, but not latest technology.
C Exterior wear; MIDI-compatible, but older technology.
About as useful as an old PC. Daynes Music does not carry “D” or “E” grade used digital keyboards or pianos.
Do you warranty digital pianos?

Unused digital keyboard clearance items include a one-year manufacturers warranty.

What is your used piano policy?

We honor a 5 year trade-up guarantee for acoustic grands and uprights. No trade-up on used digitals.