Yamaha C2 Disklavier


Model: C2 Disklavier
Year: 2007
Size: 5’8″
Color: Ebony High Polish
Serial: 6207980
Warranty: 5 Year Daynes
Price: $30,000
Keys: Ivorite white key tops
Action: Yamaha Balanced Action
Pin Block: Perfect
Strings: All new, and solid copper wound bass strings
Soundboard: Solid spruce
Encasement: Excellent, perfect condition
Pedals: Three new pedals
Dampers: Full sustenato
Hammers: Yamaha-designed with T-fasteners
Bench: Included
This is a beautiful new piano, right out of the box; a re-possession with a clean title. In addition to the fully integrated disklavier unit, this lovely piano has a soft close fall board with a locking lid and solid brass castors. An excellent value!