Project Description

2000 Steinway Model B Crown Jewel Collection

2000, #553374, Sapele Mahogany, $89,000

Reduced Price:  $71,000

Steinway & Sons has collaborated with some of the most notable artists and designers of our time to create a special series of pianos that reimagine what uncompromised expression looks like. Custom built at Steinway & Sons New York and Hamburg factories, the limited editions combine classic Steinway craftsmanship, with inspired and expressive designs — making each Limited Edition Steinway both a majestic musical instrument and a completely unique work of art.

Sapele is a member of the mahogany family and like mahogany, this deciduous species grows quite large…up to 150 feet tall. Quartersawn sapele veneer is very even in color and grain. Curly and mottled figure sapele have a wild “razor” pattern that can be a bit mesmerizing. Sapele is valued because of it’s figuring and stripes that really stand out when finished.

This piano has been meticulously maintained. It is not only a beautiful wood piece, but one of the best examples of the beautiful tone of a Steinway Model B. This is an exceptional instrument.