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Project Description

1917 Steinway Model A3 Art Case

#183636, Circassian Walnut, $71,200. Reduced to:  $55,000

Model A3 – only produced between 1914 and 1942. The longest of the A series, it stretches 6’4 1/2″. The general consensus for its termination was that it competed too closely with the concert sound of the pricier, seven-foot Model B. While production of the 6’2″ Model A has recently been resumed, the A3 has never been reproduced.

Art Case – Art Case are special edition Steinway Pianos. Initial designs begin with a general style and then variations, called ‘Sketches,’ are hand-drawn. This piano is a King Louis XVI Style, Sketch #650. The case, music stand and pedal lyre reflect the subtle beauty of this Sketch’s elegant features. This particular lyre box is actually fashioned as an ancient Greek lyre, similar to Steinway’s logo. Like limited edition art cases, Steinway will selectively finish a piano in an exotic wood, such as the hand-carved Circassian walnut seen in this piano. This wood, recognized for its swirls in shades of brown with irregular black streaks, has rarely been used by Steinway since 1917. Another most uncommon feature are the fluted double legs. The ivory key tops of this 100 year-old are all free from chips or cracks. In short, the evident beauty of this piano is fairly equaled by its rarity.

The piano was rebuilt in 2017 with genuine Steinway parts by a Steinway factory-trained technician. The case was recently refinished to its original grandeur by Conrad Storrer at the renowned piano restoration firm, Premier Refinishing.