Our Exclusive 25-Year Trade-Up Deal

If you purchase a new piano from Daynes Music, you can trade-up your piano for the full original purchase price, applied as credit, for a more expensive model, at any time for 25 years from your original purchase (this beats Steinway’s own offer by 15 years). For example, buy a Story & Clark, trade-up to Boston, and get full credit for the price of the Story & Clark. Then, trade-up to a hand-made Steinway, the ultimate, and get full credit for the price of the Boston. You only pay the difference. Our exclusive trade-up deal will be in effect for 25 years from the day you purchased each and every new piano from us!

Great deals are simple deals, and we make it simple for you to purchase the piano of your dreams. Eventually.
We have proffered fine pianos since 1862, longer than any other musical dealership in America. So, when it comes to offering you only the best pianos on earth, and the best trade-up deal on earth, you can place your trust in Daynes Music Company’s knowledge, experience, and exemplary reputation.

Trade Up Your Piano